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Eternal Fury Tips and Highlights
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All the classes have their strengths and weaknesses.

KNIGHT: A very good all round class with balanced skills.
ARCHER: Generally focuses on dealing as much damage as possible.
MAGE: Can be used for either healing or damage dealing.


-Near the start of the game, you should follow the quests given to you at the right hand side of the screen (in the quest log).
-As you complete more quests and level up, you will unlock more features in the game.


-You will find there are quite a few quests to complete campaign missions. Your goal here should be to try and get the maximum of 3 stars on each campaign mission, which requires you to win in 5 rounds or less. Once you get stronger you can also try the elite and nightmare campaign missions.


-The resource dungeons offer an important way to get more resources. You want to try and get as far as possible with these and make sure to blitz them each day until the highest level is reached.


-The dungeons can be done with a team of up to 4 players and the event dungeons with a team of up to 6 players.
-You can also attempt both of these dungeons and event dungeons solo, but keep in mind they are intended to be played with a team.
-Regular dungeons slowly progress in difficulty and have up to 4 difficulty levels on each one (Normal, Elite, Expert, Inferno).
-Harder dungeons give better equipment and additional items can be obtained on Elite, Expert and Inferno.
-As you often get lost map items that give you an extra dungeon attempt, it may also be worthwhile to run lower dungeons on Expert or Inferno for the additional items they give.
-The Apex dungeons require you to reach a specific Apex level before you can attempt them. These dungeons rarely drop equipment but the equipment you can get here is very valuable and will give a significant battle rating increase.
-The Event dungeons are challenging and should definitely be attempted with a team if possible. They all have 4 different difficulties you can choose from (Normal, Elite, Expert and Inferno)
-Endless Trial has 50 waves of enemies which progressively get harder. If you can defeat the enemies in 1 round you will skip the next wave. Since you get buffs that increase attack, using these correctly can help you to skip as many waves as possible, increasing your chances of getting further with this feature.
-Golden Zodiac features teams of 6 enemies against your team that get harder with each round. This can be very difficult when you first unlock this feature and I definitely recommend getting a full team to help complete this.
-Elemental Mystery takes your team against 6 different bosses. Once you defeat a boss, the other bosses increase in strength. You want to choose the order of bosses carefully if you are finding this hard to maximize your chances of winning.
-Magic Battlefield is the only event dungeon that may be better played solo. Enemies spawn and your goal is to take them down quickly to obtain Souls of Sin or Virtue for your Holy Wings. If you are with a team you want to all try to attack the same enemy each time so you all maximize the rewards you obtain.


-You will obtain various items that can be used to upgrade both yourself and your heroes, as well as your Goddess.
-Certain features can be developed in different ways, for example your runes.
-If you hover over each attribute while in the backpack, you can see what it does.
-Try and work on developing a character that has attributes most suitable for it's class; for example a knight needs high health, block, defense and attack but at the same time it's important to increase other attributes as well (Hit is a good example otherwise you may find you miss your attacks more often than expected)

-With your heroes, you will likely start out with only R/SR heroes. It is not recommended that you invest too many items in developing these and instead try and obtain SSR or UR heroes to develop.
-UR heroes are generally very difficult to promote and obtain equipment for and as such SSR heroes may be a better choice.
-It is entirely up to you which heroes to pick though. They all have their strengths and weaknesses.
-More heroes can be obtained from Valhalla and from the Heroic Soul Shop (you can recycle unused hero cards and shards there).


-These are another good way to earn resources.
-The Abyss has 1000 levels which gradually get harder. You also get Arcane Crystals for unlocking rune sockets here.

-The Awakening Dungeon requires you to try and defeat as many monsters as possible in 50 rounds and gives awakening stones/orbs.

-The Pet Trial is unlocked later on and you should use your best heroes to try and defeat as many monsters as possible in 50
rounds. You obtain refining crystals and fairy potions, both used on your pets


-The colosseum is a straight PVP battle against another player from the server. You can select from a few players each time and
should look to either pick the easiest or the player that gives the highest increase in rank.

-Immortal Path has players that are scaled to your current stats. As such this feature will always provide a challenge. After you defeat each opponent you can claim a buff that lasts until immortal path resets (it resets every 2 days) . There are 3 stages and you will need defensive/healing buffs to complete the later stage.


-Once you unlock a pet, you can equip it on both your heroes or your main character. Every battle will take it's longevity down by 1 point, and once it reaches 0 you will not be able to use it anymore.
-It is highly recommended to only use your pets when you need a boost to help complete a difficult area of the game or when going up against other players.
-Refining a pet will fully restore it's longevity but also reset the pet to level 1 with different stats and skills. For this reason you want to be very careful when doing this so you do not reset a pet you have been using a lot of items on.
-Mutant and mythical pets are far harder to obtain but will have better stats and the chance to get better skills.
-A mythical pet will also have an unlimited amount of longevity meaning it can be used infinitely


-If you want to attack another player, you can right click on them in certain areas of the game and this will start a battle.
-If you defeat the player you will get up to 1 million gold from the player.
-If a player has already been defeated then you will not be able to attack that player, and they will not be able to attack other players either.
-Defeating players will increase your sins by 25 each time. You want to be extremely careful your sins do not get too high.
-If you reach 100 sins your name will appear on the bounty board and you won't be able to access most game features.
-If another player attacks and defeats you while you are on the bounty board you will end up in jail and they will complete an achievement that gives a title.
-If you reach 200 sins you will automatically be sent to jail.
-If you do end up in jail you will need to wait for a set amount of time AND get your sins under 100 before you can leave.
-Jail has a crystal mine and some enemies that can be attacked to reduce your sins.
-It's important to note that while in jail, you will NOT be able to leave or access most features of the game until the timer expires AND you are under 100 sins, so do be very careful if you attack other players!


-This is quite a complicated feature. To start with it's worthwhile to try and increase the level of your buildings and researches, with the most important building being your farm as this produces food.
-You should set your workers in the manor after upgrading a few buildings. Make sure you do not have a negative food production
-You can start building troops once you are producing a reasonable amount of resources.
-Once you have troops you can start clearing cities to increase you maximum population and unlock the map.
-If you click a city , then city war, you can attack and try to capture the city (if your guild does not already own the maximum amount of cities). This also works towards your kill rankings where you can claim chests each day.
-You should also work on ranking up your commanders. The maximum rank is 25.
-To rank up your commanders you should first select the raid option on a city, then afterwards you can quick clear the city which will give you items instantly but also costs food.
-To find out which items you need you can go to the command center then click on one of the training icons, then click on the
obtain materials button. This will take you to the city that gives the item(s) you need for training.


-The objective of this feature is to capture and hold the city until the event ends (which takes 2 days). You will need to also capture the outer wall and inner wall before you can take the city.
-If another guild has already captured either wall or the city, they may set armies to defend. It is highly recommended checking to see if any armies are defending before you attack, and making sure you send enough troops to defeat the defending armies. Multiple players can attack at the same time if needed.
-You can gain bonus resources from the resource spots as well. It is worthwhile if at least 1 player from your guild sends an army to each of the resource spots if you have captured the outer or inner wall.

-Various events will appear in game, for example the summoning carnival or cross server consumption event. It is definitely worthwhile trying to save up your items for these events if you can, so you can maximize the rewards you obtain from them.


-Once you reach level 80 and complete some quests for apex you will reach apex level. This opens up new features of the game including the apex mystery area which can be found in the world tree, plus you will unlock the apex level/apex talent features to upgrade your character further.
-There are crystals and enemies in apex mystery which require stamina to either obtain or attack. It is recommended to try and save up your stamina potions until you reach apex level so you can use them here.
-After a certain amount of crystals have been collected and enemies have been defeated, aura will be unlocked. You will find crystal mines spawn in apex for a limited time and these should be collected as quickly as possible.

-In order to visit this area you will need to visit the ferryman in Dawn City and pay 500000 gold. The ferry will head off every 30 minutes. When on board you will need to defeat as many enemies as possible to complete the crossing.
-You can complete force quests while here and obtain items to upgrade the various building. The magic atlier will also sell some very useful items when upgraded and is highly worth donating to.
-You can also run for city lord or vote for a city lord. The city lord can upgrade the buildings once the resources that have been donated to the building are at the maximum level.


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